South Africa and China sign USD 6.5bn of trade and investment agreements


China_South Africa (1)Chinese President and his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma witnessed the inking of 26 trade and investment deals worth 6.5 bn dollars between their respective countries.

Chinese president, Xi Jinping is in Johannesburg, South Africa for the Forum for China Africa Cooperation Summit. The agreements to be realized in a 10 year strategic plan are in the areas of infrastructure development, special economic zones, production capacity, renewable energy, human resource development and agriculture.

Before the signing ceremony, President Xi said, during a joint Press Briefing with President Zuma, that China stood ready to work together with South Africa to seize the favourable opportunities to build China-South Africa relations into a model of unity and cooperation between China and developing countries.

Xi also expressed his confidence that the summit will be a historic event for strengthening China-Africa unity and guiding China-Africa cooperation.